Make The Leap!

Make The Leap!

CIA prepared to make an rememberable mark on education and training across the globe. We are still only at the start of revolutionising how people across the world both learn and teach.

Our success means we are always looking for exceptional people to come join our team. CIA is right for you if you are creative, engaged, web-savvy, have good attention to detail, a good understanding of e-learning and you are passionate about education!

You are right for CIA if you are an independent thinker with an entrepreneurial edge and you want to make your mark on the future of the web. You are looking to make a big leap and do something big! You have the expertise to help CIA achieve its next level of success.

Every online course is standards-based and self-certified. That means bragging rights with family and friends and employers, an edge in your work, and inspiration to be all you can be. The power of CIA online courses is proven in testimonials from our learners all around the world.

Explore the exceptional career opportunities on offer but don’t limit yourself to them. At CIA, we are open to anyone with talent who wants to make a difference, who believes they can make a difference in furthering our vision of a fairer, more sustainable global society through education. We are looking for people from all parts of the world and every country.